Bautista Agut shares private conversation with Rafael Nadal

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Bautista Agut shares private conversation with Rafael Nadal

In an interview to Sky Sport Roberto Bautista Agut revealed he chatted with both David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal ahead of his Wimbledon semifinals match against Novak Djokovic. "I called David on Thursday morning, to learn about the experience of playing in the late stages of a Grand Slam.

He said I have to make my best effort and not to be influenced by external factors. I spoke with Rafa, he told me, Hopefully we have an all Spanish final." On his improvements, the Castellon de la Plana native added: "I did a lot of work during all these years to be better player, to be every single moment thinking on the improvements, not to try to catch them, but to be as closer next to them.

I grow up playing on clay. The club I grow up, there is 15 clay courts. There is no hard court, no grass court. I think because I played since I was very young with a very heavy racquet, and that means if I would play with a lot of spin, I could not move the ball, no? I think that's why I play that flat.

Novak is very solid from baseline. He likes to play a lot of rallies. Well, I like to play against opponent like this, to play a match with a lot of rallies. Against Novak, that's what we do."