John Isner: 'I didn't know I now have one ATP win over Rafael Nadal'

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John Isner: 'I didn't know I now have one ATP win over Rafael Nadal'

On the ATP Tour, John Isner never beat Rafael Nadal out of seven meetings. But now that the Laver Cup started co-operating with ATP, Isner has one win as he beat Nadal in the 2017 Prague Laver Cup. "I don't know about that.

You have retroactively given me a win against Rafa. I'll take it, certainly", said Isner in a press conference in Wimbledon. "I don't think Rafa is thinking too much about it. Now that the ATP is involved with the Laver Cup -- I mean, you have never been to a Laver Cup, have you? Are you planning on going? There is no exhibition about it.

I can guarantee you that." "It's fun for you guys", the journalist replied. "It's fun", continued Isner. "Format is different. You play a tiebreaker in the third set. It's a lot of fun. The format for the fans is great.

It's not too much tennis. It's a good time" Asked how he is feeling, Isner, who skipped the entire clay season, concluded: "I mean, not great, to be honest, because, I mean, I literally did not hit a ball for, like, 10 weeks.

You can't just feel great about that. I was doing everything I could to stay in shape and stay strong, but there is a lot of stuff I couldn't do. It was tough, for sure. I can't -- apart from having mono, I think 10 years ago, I never missed this much time before with injury.

When this did happen, I consider myself very lucky. You know, this could have -- this foot injury could have easily happened in my second match in Miami, I feel like. Maybe I was spared a little bit that it happened in the final.

It was disappointing, but at the same time, it's not like I was missing the hard courts in the U.S. Of course, I mean, you never want to miss a Grand Slam, but, you know, if there is a period of time to miss, I'll take that."