Rafael Nadal was bothered by not playing at the level he had hoped - Coach

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Rafael Nadal was bothered by not playing at the level he had hoped - Coach

In an interview to Onda Cero, Rafael Nadal's coach Francis Roig commented on Spanish player's loss to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon semifinals. Roig said: "Rafa could not deliver his game, he could not dominate, he could not play as he did in the past days.

He did not feel comfortable, so you have some regrets. He had some chances to go 5-all in the fourth set. I spoke with him in the locker room, we hoped to play better. We faced the best grass-court player ever. We have to accept it and continue.

At the end of the day, he has played one Grand Slam finals and won one this year. He was a bit bothered for not playing until the level he did. He hoped to hit higher quality shots. Federer was hitting good return and the second serve return is important.

You could put pressure on him and he did not which makes things difficult on grass because Federer takes it. It's a sad day but throughout the tournament, he defeated good players and he played his best tennis ever on grass.

Federer played one of his best matches ever on grass and we were not surprised by it because he improved his backhand. They push each other and we will see how many Majors they will have once their careers end." Dominic Thiem commented on why Nadal "only" won two titles on clay this year: "When Rafa doesn't win a clay-court tournament is always big news because he is very strong on the surface, so it would be a big surprise if someone beats him in the French Open.

Everyone has to lose sometimes, including him. He was somehow injured from Indian Wells and he may not have been able to train enough... Monte Carlo, Barcelona and French Open are the tournaments where it's most difficult to defeat Rafa Nadal because he feels very comfortable on slow courts.

It's very hard to beat him because he has a lot of power to be able to create winning shots. It's a good combination for him."