Nadal: 'In tennis you can lose a match for bad luck once every two years'

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Nadal: 'In tennis you can lose a match for bad luck once every two years'

Rafael Nadal was interviewed by Movistar in his Academy. The Spaniard was asked about the achievements made by his Academy, that opened in 2016: "I am very happy. Things are going well, in the right direction. We have been working well in the last years.

As always, the beginnings are difficult, it's a new experience but we are going in the right way." In the Academy, children do not only play tennis but also study: "It's clear that we need a complete package that kids and girls need to continue their evolution as persons.

Tennis is an important part of the Academy without a doubt, but it's not the only one. We think they should get an education too." On his childhood, Nadal added: "As a kid, I was playing tennis and football. Who knows if I loved football more than tennis.

I am left-footed in tennis but in all the other things in life, right-handed. I used to play two-handed on both sides when I had to change to one-handed at 10 years of age it was something natural." What's the best advice he has ever received? "The best examples are not words but facts, the ones that mark you the most in life."

"I do not believe in luck. Sometimes in football, but in tennis, it can happen one match every two years." What is the first thing he does when he wakes up? "Having a shower. Always." What's the worst way he was ever punished with by his parents? "I am a good guy, my sister is more complicated. I did very few bad things in my life."