Rafael Nadal doesn't get tired, he has amazing body - Muguruza

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Rafael Nadal doesn't get tired, he has amazing body - Muguruza

In an interview to Las Provincias, Garbine Muguruza praised Rafael Nadal's physical and mental strength. The two-time Major winner said: "There are sportsmen like Rafa who have an amazing body and who also doesn't get tired.

It also depends on injuries, motivation, each one's goals... It's a combination of things that makes your career possibly being longer. What he does is unbelievable. He makes us feel like it's easy, but we have to be aware that we are lucky to see a player like this."

Asked if for her life is only tennis, Muguruza replied: "You learn over the time that it's not like this. Since I was little, my life was always tennis, my big priority. It keeps being like this, but you try to find a balance to have a life off it.

Being aware that it's not a normal life, you are an elite athlete and you have to care of your body, in order to have a healthy life and be stronger." Asked how she deals with all the technology innovations, Muguruza replied: "My team uses all the weapons that can be useful to improve."

Asked if tennis now has equal prize money, Muguruza concluded: "I think so, it's a matter of time that people believe it's right even more. I feel lucky that tennis has a lot of popularity and makes you being an influencer but in other sports it's not really like that."