Joao Sousa: 'Rafael Nadal demolished me in Wimbledon'

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Joao Sousa: 'Rafael Nadal demolished me in Wimbledon'

Joao Sousa recalled his fourth round loss to Rafael Nadal in last month's Wimbledon. The Portoguese player lost 6-2 6-2 6-2. He said: "Rafa did very well, he played an unbelievable match and he showed why he is one of the best players ever.

He was devastating, he completely demolished my weapons and the strategy I had prepared. I has prepared very well but I could not do anything. I would have liked to be doing better physically because the match could have been more balanced.

But I can just congratulate him and wish him the best. I am happy to have reached a Grand Slam fourth round again, to be at a good level again, to have played some good matches and written the history. It's always nice to leave the Portugal name on tennis history.

It's a pride for me." Asked what advices he would give younger players, Toni Nadal replied: "I do not know if I am the right person. You have to put passion and happiness. You need to love your job because if you do it, you have a happy life and you achieve what my nephew did, the personal satisfaction.

You need to be committed, that's what makes the society work. That's what I would tell them. When Rafa was a kid, I always tried to prepare him for the future, making him have a good character and give himself more chances.

Despite he had injuries and setbacks, he always wanted to give himself chances. It's very difficult to shape your character being calm."