Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal is almost a mentor for me'

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Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal is almost a mentor for me'

Jaume Munar spoke about his relationship with his compatriot Rafael Nadal. "It's important for me to have Rafa close to me. First of all, because he is a person that gives me confidence, he can explain to me a lot of things from a very professional point of view and, most of all, being close to me.

Then, it gives me a lot of opportunities that other kids probably do not have, he is almost a mentor for me", said Munar. Asked if he sees himself on the top ten rankings one day, Munar replied: "On one side, I would say that it's too much but on the other one I believe it's possible.

Obviously, it would be a very big personal challenge, it would be a success, probably the biggest one in my career. And we are working to be among the best. I do not know where I will get, on the top ten, 50 or 100, but the most important thing for me is to keep doing my job and then my attitude and level will tell us where I can end up."

"We are speaking of two people who are the real history of our sport. It's really complicated to prevail over people who basically won everything. But it's true that for age or level, one day someone will replace Rafa and Roger."

What tournament would Munar love to win? "Probably I would say Wimbledon for its history and for what represents in the tennis history. Australian Open is my favourite tournament because I like the environment a lot."