Auger-Aliassime's breakthrough compared to Rafael Nadal's by Khachanov

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Auger-Aliassime's breakthrough compared to Rafael Nadal's by Khachanov

Karen Khachanov praised Felix Auger-Aliassime after beating him in three sets on Thursday in Montreal. The Russian player said: "I wish best of luck for him, that he gets to top 10 as quick as possible. Still, it's a little bit maybe not too early, but I think step by step.

His breakthrough is pretty fast, as you can see maybe Rafael Nadal was doing. It's pretty impressive. Let's see how he keeps developing his game. But I'm pretty sure if something doesn't go wrong, he would be sooner or later in top 10.

We practised just once I think this year in Barcelona on clay. Still, nothing surprises me. I was preparing for that match. My coach also watched his matches. I knew what are his advantages and disadvantages. As I said before, I think it was really tough to talk more about the game.

I think it was more emotional and mental game than really tennis-wise. I think we did a lot of unforced errors today due to conditions, windy conditions. That was the reason why maybe we couldn't play our best tennis today."

On the ups and downs he had during the match, Khachanov added: "Still on the center court, sometimes it's going around so it's really tough to adjust your game when you want to hit super aggressive. You have always to control that.

I think that was the toughest part for both of us handling the serve. We were returning better than serving at some points. But in general, yeah, I think it was really a competitive match from both of us. Felix is a great player, as I said many times before. It was a competitive match and I won today. That's how I see."