Rafael Nadal is nice and very shy, says Rogers Cup insider

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Rafael Nadal is nice and very shy, says Rogers Cup insider

Jean-René Dufort manages PR at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. Speaking to Ici Radio Canada, Dufort revealed interesting things about some players. "Andy Murray is not like he seems to be and he is fun. Also, Rafael Nadal is very nice, but he is very shy.

He constantly looks on the bottom. He is particularly gentle. I noted that he is the only player that, when he does interviews, shakes everybody's hands, camera operators and so forth. He is special because he looks at the bottom and it seems he is afraid of everyone", said Dufort.

On Felix Auger-Aliassime, Dufort added: "He is almost better in communicating than playing tennis. I think he is a very complete player." How would he cope with Nick Kyrgios if he was an umpire? "I would not cope with him because he is a bug.

But tennis needs him. It's a sport where there are many rules and it seems you cannot go against him. He complained a lot about a towel. He wanted to have one without a logo and we did not bring it to him in a too fast way, so he was not that happy. But in the end, it seems he did not hate his time in Montreal."