Toronto or Montreal, what's best? Rafael Nadal cannot pick

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Toronto or Montreal, what's best? Rafael Nadal cannot pick

The Rogers Cup is a unique tournament throughout the year as it takes one year in Toronto and one year in Montreal for both men's and women's events. Rafael Nadal was asked to pick what's the better tournament between the two.

The Spaniard replied: "Don't put me in that position (smiling). Honestly, both are great for me. Difficult for me to say one or another, honestly. Is difficult." The former Canadian doubles player Daniil Nestor said: "I think that also has to do perhaps that it seems like the Canadians' best results have come in Montreal as opposed to Toronto from the singles standpoint.

Even I noticed when I was playing here, the courts always seemed to be a little bit faster. I think that might have attributed to the success of guys like Vasek, Milos, now guys like Felix and Denis. I'm from Toronto. Obviously, it's special playing in Toronto.

I think we all know the venue is better here. The proximity to downtown really makes it a lot more special as far as atmosphere, that kind of stuff. It's a great event compared to all the tournaments throughout the year. I would say players would speak very highly of this event, for sure."