Nick Kyrgios justifies Cincinnati meltdown by comparing with Nadal

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Nick Kyrgios justifies Cincinnati meltdown by comparing with Nadal

Controversial Nick Kyrgios posted an Instagram video which compares his and Rafael Nadal’s serving time - in situations when both are leading advantage to forty -, in an attempt to prove that he was treated unfairly when umpire Fergus Murphy penalized his slow manner of serving and triggered one of the harshest rants in the history of tennis.

The video shows that Kyrgios needed 28 seconds to serve while Nadal a much greater amount – 41 seconds -, in situations where both players were leading advantage to forty. Nick referred to the fact that Nadal didn’t receive a time violation warning while he certainly did.

The video includes a message from the Aussie: "Tell me Rafa plays that quick."


Facts or nah

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The Aussie didn’t point out the problem clarified in the video above only on social media.

He did it right on in front of the umpire in the match against Khachanov. “That’s hilarious, if Rafa plays that quick I’m retiring from tennis. Absolute rubbish … disgrace. Get me some footage of Rafa playing that quick, that game.

If you can find any of that I’ll shut my mouth and never speak again" , Kyrgios told umpire Fergus Murphy after he was penalized for a time violation. 20 years old Anna Kalinskaya, WTA number 123, took Kyrgios side in this issue by commenting to his Instagram video: “not fair”.

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