Carlos Moya shares his best memory ever with Rafael Nadal

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Carlos Moya shares his best memory ever with Rafael Nadal

In an interview to Babolat, Carlos Moya spoke about his friendship and co-operation with Rafael Nadal. Moya, who has been coaching Nadal since December 2016, said: "It would take a lot of time to tell about my story with Rafael.

We have been knowing each other since he was 12 years old, in Germany. He was playing a tournament there, I was playing a professional event. From that, our friendship started. He was ten years younger than me, we are from the same island and so we often trained together when we were in Mallorca.

When he was 15 or 16 years old, he had already joined the ATP Tour. The best memory I have with him on a professional level was the Davis Cup title in (2004) Seville, which for me was a major goal. Winning it next to him was amazing.

Then we stayed friends, we spent a lot of time on the court, we had many moments both on and off the court. Then once I retired from the professional tennis (in 2010), I kept following him but a bit far away. The destiny made us get together again, in 2017, and I hope for many more years."

"2017 was an amazing year. He became world No. 1 again, he won big titles including two Grand Slams and especially the French Open which is the goal every year. Winning the Decima was something unprecedented in the sport, I think it will never happen again. Being next to him was a great emotion."