Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic will win more than 20 Majors - Ivanisevic

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Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic will win more than 20 Majors - Ivanisevic

In an interview as quoted by Tenis Haberleri, Novak Djokovic's coach Goran Ivanisevic briefly spoke about his working relationship with the Serbian player and tennis in general. Ivanisevic helped Djokovic during the first week of Wimbledon and then left as he had other commitments in Croatia.

"It was great for Novak to win Wimbledon, but for me it was even more special to win 2014 US Open with Marin Cilic because I was always there", said Ivanisevic, who coached Djokovic in Cincinnati too. "Now, I think that the best player ever will be the one who holds more Grand Slam titles.

Nadal and Nole will win more than 20 Slams." Recalling his 2001 Wimbledon title, Ivanisevic added: "It changed like it never did before. Everybody talking about this Wimbledon, me being Wimbledon Champion, like for the last 13 years I never been in the final, like I never won any tournament.

They just say, "Oh, he's a Wimbledon Champion." But is great. I didn't change. Everything around me changed. Is nice to be Wimbledon Champion. People respect you, and is nice to see my name there. When I was sitting, you know, after this one rain break, was 2001, my name.

Is really nice, you know. Sometimes I still cannot believe, "What my is name doing there?" I thought somebody made mistake, but they didn't. I'm the Wimbledon Champion and I'm a member. My tie, I had this little thing so I can walk in the area, which I couldn't even watch on TV before, you know."