Toni Nadal shows upset reaction to ATP umpire being fired up

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Toni Nadal shows upset reaction to ATP umpire being fired up

On a column for El Pais, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about this year's Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic Wimbledon final umpire Damian Steiner being fired by ATP for giving unauthorized interviews. Toni wrote: "Leaving a person jobless should always be caused by serious things.

And that's what I think it happened: the Argentinean, who is very correct and appreciated by players, as well as umpires, surprisingly, made a major mistake. His mistake was not to ask to be allowed to give some interviews and tell that he was okay with certain changes on the Tour, like alllwing on court coaching, not having Let.

He also made a big mistake in saying that he thought that Federer would win the Wimbledon final this year when he had two match points in the fifth set. He did not disclose such a big secret. Is it difficult to understand that a person can make a mistake? Can you accept that after working for 15 years, you get fired because of such interviewed? Argentina, a country known for its big passion for tennis although more for football, are proud that Damian was the first Argentinean to umpire a Grand Slam men's final, that he got a golden badge by ITF and that he is so well appreciated on the professional tour.

Boris Becker, Carlos Berlocq and John Isner showed their support. It is very surprising that he gets punished for saying what he said while certain players do not."