Rafael Nadal can win ten more French Opens if he is healthy, says Zverev

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Rafael Nadal can win ten more French Opens if he is healthy, says Zverev

In an interview to XL Semanal Alexander Zverev praised Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic dominance. The German player said: "When Pete Sampras won 14 Majors, no one got closer to him. Now three guys have more titles than him.

It's crazy! We may not see anything similar. They always play well their best tennis in the worst moments and matches. On it, Nadal and Federer are unbeatable. Djokovic and Murray are unbelievable too." Asked if he wants to make the Big Three retire, Zverev replied: "No.

I do not want to retire Federer and Nadal. I want to try and find a way to be better than them, defeating them on court." "If Rafa is healthy, he can win ten more French Opens, unless a young guy competes with him.

Maybe me, Thiem... And with Novak you never know because he took a break and then came back in a beast mood. When he plays like this, it's very difficult to stop him. It will be interesting to see the battle between the three."

On Cori Gauff, Kobe Bryant said: "It's amazing at that age, not just the skill set she possesses, but dropping the first set [against Potapova], able to maintain her cool, maintain her composure, not get rattled, she goes out and performs.

It's very, very rare to find an athlete at that age to be so trusting of your skill and be patient. She's a phenomenon for sure. It's the things that come along with the success at an early age, more commitments, more responsibilities, more opportunities, especially off the court.

But you have to pick and choose and weave the way through that, so none of those things get in the way of her continuing to develop as an athlete. The hardest thing is knowing what to say no to, so that it doesn't compromise her progress as a player."