Rafael Nadal: 'I felt in a rush between points because of shot clock'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I felt in a rush between points because of shot clock'

Rafael Nadal commented on his fourth round win over Marin Cilic. The Spanish player said: "I think the crowd likes my style and intensity on the court. Now against Schwartzman there will be a loud crowd who will support my opponent but I already played enough matches here so it will not make my focus go away.

It's a match against a good friend who is very consistent." Nadal served well but he believes that the 25 seconds between points went on too quickly. "I saw myself being a bit in a rush. I almost did not prepare at all in some situations.

Every umpire reads it his way but I am not absolutely worried by it." On the US Open, Daniil Medvedev, speaking to NY Times, said: “It’s probably the most electric atmosphere I’ve played in my whole entire life.

Sometimes you play a first round of an ATP tournament where there’s 50 people watching you on a small court. This is completely different. I’m trying to take this electricity, feed from it, and that’s helped me a lot these last two matches”.

On the crowd booing him, he concluded: “I caused it. I’m not happy about it, but I have to deal with it, and I deal with it in my own way. The priority for me is to win the match, and if I have to win it by taking all the energy the crowd has, even if it’s against me, I have to do it.

I’m there as a sportsman, and my first goal is to win the match. Again, today I was losing, 6-3, 2-0. I was painful in my adductor before the match; I thought I’m not going to play. I was painful in my shoulder; I took as much painkillers as I could. You guys being against me, you gave me so much energy to win, thank you!”