I saw thousands of Rafael Nadal's matches, says Berrettini

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I saw thousands of Rafael Nadal's matches, says Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini spoke about his US Open semifinals match against Diego Schwartzman or Rafael Nadal. The Italian player said: "I know Diego better. We played this year twice: one on grass and one clay. I don't know. It's going to be semis in a Grand Slam, so you cannot expect, like, normal match.

But I know him. For that, I'm maybe more ready. I know Rafa, also, really well. I mean, I saw, like, a hundred of his matches. Who in this tour doesn't know Rafa? It's going to be tough, for sure, against him. It's tough to say something also.

I don't know. I would like to say good luck to them, and then I figure out how to beat one of them." "It is always tough to play, I mean, for Italians, playing for Italico in Rome. It's always tough but also really nice.

I remember the first match that I play against Fabio Fognini, and I'm from Rome. I started the match with a double fault like close to the one I did on the match point. So slow in the net. I was, like, Okay (smiling). But, yeah, for sure, when they're cheering for you, it's helping you.

So why not? I'm really looking forward to find a lot of Italians. I have to say my box is really helpful, as well, even they are, like, 20. But they, I don't know, they are, like, loud, for sure."