Diego Schwartzman shares what makes Rafael Nadal dangerous

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Diego Schwartzman shares what makes Rafael Nadal dangerous

In an interview with AS, Diego Schwartzman commented on what makes Rafael Nadal so dangerous. The Argentinean player said: "Taking the ball early, playing on the bottom with my backhand and creating many dangerous situations.

It depends on how he is doing well and how much he can put me in trouble." On his idol and friend Diego Maradona, Schwartzman added: "Diego is always interested in all the Argentinean athletes, he sends a message to each of them because he is a fan of every sport and of every player who is from Argentina.

Every time he sends a message is very motivating and very nice to receive. I am a footballer because he is the best player ever and we even chatted together after the match against Nadal in last year's French Open. It makes me very happy to have someone like him who represents Argentina, with his humility that shows how big he is."

About how his 1.70 meters height influences him on the court, Schwartzman replied: "I did not have to do more than the others. I always tried to grow with the best professionals. That helped me a lot because I listened to them.

I do not think I did something much more different than others. Each one has his way, but I think the basics was to work on it and be more aware that it's possible to improve." Schwartzman showed he can be a great player on hard courts too, having triumphed in Los Cabos last month. He will look for more success in the next hard-court events.