Rafael Nadal and his team are great people, says Schwartzman

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Rafael Nadal and his team are great people, says Schwartzman

In an interview with AS, Diego Schwartzman shares what he admired the most about Rafael Nadal. The Argentinean player said: "Hard work, perseverance, responsability, humility, both for him and his team. They are great people.

He does everything he needs to in order to keep improving. And for a player who achieved almost everything in the sport, it's impressive to see him that way." On how it feels to be Argentina's No. 1, Schwartzman said: "That's very relative because Juan Martin (del Potro) is the best guy we have in South America.

I hope he can heal from the injury and come back at the top because he showed his level every time he came back. I have not a competition against him. Hopefully, I see him soon on the Tour again being as healthy as possible and improve the Argentinean tennis," said Schwartzman, who would like to crack the top ten rankings as his ultimate goal."

The Italian federation chief Angelo Binaghi praised Matteo Berrettini: "It's amazing news for the Italian tennis but also for the Italian sport. Berrettini shows that through commitment, discipline and passion you can get amazing results.

A big credit for his growth is given by his team, including the Federation. And by his family that taught him key values to become a real champion. Berrettini is a modern player who is able to win on all surfaces, Fabio Fognini won in Monte Carlo and Turin will host ATP Finals from 2021, that shows that the Italian movement is doing great."