Rafael Nadal: 'Matteo Berrettini was always very friendly with me'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Matteo Berrettini was always very friendly with me'

Rafael Nadal praised Matteo Berrettini as a person. The Mallorca native said: "I know him a little bit. I know him from the locker room, talking as much as I can. Even if we are in the same locker room a lot of weeks, we have different schedules, but always he was very friendly to me, and hopefully, I was with him.

Yeah, looks a nice guy. Young with very good potential. He's in semifinals of a Grand Slam, so he's playing great. That's all. Looks relax, looks he's ready for fight for important things like he's doing."

Asked if Cilic and Berrettini are similar players, Nadal replied: "I think they are a little bit different players, not all the same. I don't think they have the same style. No, I approach the game in a different way.

I have one day to think about it, honestly. I just won a very important match for me, and it is the moment to enjoy this victory. Tomorrow afternoon I going to start to think about what's the plan for after tomorrow, and today is the moment to enjoy that feeling, be in semifinals of a Grand Slam again.

I achieved the four semifinals of the four Grand Slams this year, and that's a lot. Very, very happy about that." The 33-year-old is having a great season so far. He never lost before the semifinals except for Acapulco where he was beaten by Nick Kyrgios in the second round.