Nadal is clear US Open favorite after Djokovic, Federer losses -Mouratoglou

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Nadal is clear US Open favorite after Djokovic, Federer losses -Mouratoglou

Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou previewed the upcoming US Open semifinals match between Rafael Nadal and Matteo Berrettini. The Frenchman said: "If he plays indoors it's good news for him, for sure.

I think what he's done this year is incredible because nobody expected. I mean, I have heard many players say that, like, How come this guy does this? I think it's a good example of someone who invested on his strength rather than trying to improve his weaknesses.

Because he improved, his weaknesses became not as bad, because his strengths became very, very powerful: serve, forehand. He's moving, for his height and his weight, he's moving incredibly well. He showed a lot of temper, an incredible motivation and temper and fighting spirit.

For me, when I saw the match against Gaël, he wanted it, like, so bad. That's why he finally ended up winning. His chances against Nadal are very small, but there is always a chance in tennis. If he plays indoor -- I mean, the good thing for him is that Rafa doesn't like to play that type of players, players who serve well and have big forehand, but it's difficult to imagine Rafa not to win the tournament now that the two others are out, to be clear", he said referring to Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

On Serena being proud of her comeback on Tour after motherhood, Mouratoglou added: "I understand that she speaks about that, because the first problem she had was not an injury, but her body transformed to become a mother.

You don't come back to your previous body, which is the body of a professional top athlete, overnight. It takes time. So that was the first goal, to be completely in shape and able to perform at the highest level physically.

And on that way, she got injured several times, especially in the lower part of the body, which is very annoying because you can't do anything, basically. You can't do sports and it delays a lot the moment when you'll be able to compete again.

And she played through this injury. I mean, people were disappointed about her results, but I think her results were incredible considering that. Now, before Wimbledon, like two weeks before Wimbledon, 10 days to be precise, finally got rid of her knee problem and she was able to run without thinking about her knee.

So now it's several weeks in a row, so I think her fitness just went up and up, and I think her movement now is better than I have ever seen since she became a mother."