Rafael Nadal is the US Open favorite, but you never know - Pique

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Rafael Nadal is the US Open favorite, but you never know - Pique

In an interview to Eurosport with the six-time Major winner Boris Becker, the FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique spoke about why he is in the US Open these days. The Spaniard said: "Firstly to watch great tennis and secondly because the Davis Cup is getting closer.

In order to create a great event, you have to be in events like US Open to be involved with players, countries, Federations, to understand what they want so that the event can be even better." Speaking about the criticism around the competition, Pique added: "I totally understand the meaning of the Davis Cup for the tennis world, how important and historical the competition is.

So to make a change like this many people expressed their opinions, both good and bad. But we have been doing a good job since when the ITF announced the change. Now most of the people believe this is the right week. We focus on the players who are the biggest stars in this sport.

I understand this is a very historical competition and the home and the away has also been a part of the competition. That's why the home and away is still for the qualifiers in February. We understood that if we wanted Davis Cup to be a bigger event, we had to create an event featuring the finals, over one week."

On the US Open, he concluded: "Rafa is the favorite for obvious reasons but you never know. It will be difficult for Rafa to beat Matteo Berrettini. In the Grand Slams you never know."