Rafael Nadal can't beat Roger Federer standing back, says Cash

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Rafael Nadal can't beat Roger Federer standing back, says Cash

In an interview to Eurosport, the 1987 Wimbledon winner Pat Cash commented on Rafael Nadal's chances to win the US Open. The Australian sees the Spaniard as the player who has most possibilities. "Heavy favorite, no doubts about it, but not just because of his history and his record but he is actually playing fantastic tennis", said Cash.

"He is serving really big, hitting the ball really hard, very aggressively, he's changed it in the last couple of matches. He changed his stance on the second serve return. Any player that he can't beat standing back is Federer.

I do not think he will beat Roger, if they are playing well, standing back. Everybody else I think he will beat. He is serving well, he is moving well, he is extremely pumped up. And look at the numbers, if he wins he moves to 19.

Will he get another Slam? He certainly will." Cash also praised the 23-year-old Italian Matteo Berrettini: "He is fired up, he has got the determination, he is incredibly quick, he doesn't look like he is much of an athlete because he is tall and skinny but he can move, he has got a good serve, his volleys are not great but he is a great athlete so he gets into the right position.

I liked the way he behaved with the New York crowd. I love his spirit." Cash regularly attends the four Grand Slam tournaments working as a TV commentator and analyst and playing in the legends' draw. He also shows up at the Mubadala Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi.