Rafael Nadal shares what is Matteo Berrettini's weakness

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Rafael Nadal shares what is Matteo Berrettini's weakness

Rafael Nadal was asked what's Matteo Berrettini's weakness. The Spaniard said: "I think of course he can improve a little bit the backhand, in my opinion. But the rest of the things, he's brave. To be that high, he's not moving badly.

He has very good talent on the hands. He has a good ability there in front of the net, good slice backhand. Is true that the slice backhand sometimes against me, I like to play against a slice backhand. Probably his slice backhand against me is not working as well like against other players.

I don't really see him as a bad returner, no. I think he has enough breaks during the whole tournament." Nadal added: "He was in semifinals of the US Open. He had a great run on grass, too. He's a player, I don't know, which ranking going to be after here.

Probably he going to be very high on the ranking, raising a lot of positions during the whole year, improving his level. I think he's 23. Has plenty of time to keep doing things. He has a big serve, big forehand. No, he is strong. He has great potential to become a player who fights for the big things for the next eight years."