Rafael Nadal reacts to Daniil Medvedev calling him a beast

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Rafael Nadal reacts to Daniil Medvedev calling him a beast

Daniil Medvedev said that Rafael Nadal is a beast on the court and a machine. The Spaniard gave his reaction in a press conference following his win over Matteo Berrettini. "Just thanks for the compliment, no? Always is beautiful to hear nice things from your colleagues.

Happy for that. Just I hope to be like this on Sunday (smiling). I will need it", said the world No. 2. Nadal also praised Medvedev: "His summer is just amazing. But all his season is amazing. He started playing very well in Australia.

I think he played the final in Brisbane. In Australia he lost a match with Novak Djokovic. He lost against the champion. He had a very, very tough battle there, too. After that he was very solid during the whole year. On clay he played very well.

I heard, I didn't know, but I heard in the past he was not a great player on clay, but this year he was a great player on clay, playing great matches, winning a lot of matches. Then the summer is just almost perfect. Final in Washington, final in Montreal, winning Cincinnati, final here already.

Is the player who is in better shape on tour. I will face the player who is winning more matches of the year, and the player who is playing on the highest level since a while." Berrettini said: "I'm still learning the tennis.

It's really weird. I was coming here with not a lot of confidence. I was injured. I didn't play a good match in Cincinnati. Didn't expect to do such a great tournament."