Rafael Nadal: 'At the beginning I had tough moments at the US Open'

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Rafael Nadal: 'At the beginning I had tough moments at the US Open'

Rafael Nadal spoke about his US Open runs. The Spaniard said. "At the beginning of my career, (there) have been some tough moments here, losing matches. But since a long time ago, every time that I came here I felt comfortable, no? I felt very competitive and fighting for big things.

Here we are. Every major have a different character, a different atmosphere. I felt the one that I was more unfortunate was Australia for different facts, a lot of injuries there I think. But here, a couple of ones. Like last year, and I remember another time.

But at times have been a positive tournament for me all my career, this one. I said every single day, but I can repeat: I feel comfortable here, I like the atmosphere, I like the crowd. I feel a big energy when I am playing in this Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Yeah, just can say thanks to the crowd because honestly, I feel a big support from them all the time. That's important to me." Nadal prefers to stay grounded ahead of the final: "Before to play the final is not the moment to be super happy, no? Of course, finally when the tournament finish, if you lose, when you looking global perspective, okay.

But now is a moment to enjoy today, but is a match in front on Sunday, an important one. I just focus on try to be 100% ready for it. But, of course, very, very happy about everything. Another final of the Grand Slam and another final here in Flushing Meadows means a lot to me. So happy."