Matteo Berrettini:'Rafael Nadal was ready to play for six hours against me'

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Matteo Berrettini:'Rafael Nadal was ready to play for six hours against me'

Speaking to SuperTennis TV Matteo Berrettini commented on the differences between he and Rafael Nadal in the US Open semifinals match won by the Spaniard. "I was ready to play for three or four hours, he was ready to play for six", said Berrettini.

"So now I will have to change my fitness training regime and start to practice more for this kind of matches", he admitted. Berrettini added: "I really like the way I played, the way I approached the point. Yeah, I didn't serve first serve on 6-4.

I played aggressive. I went to the net. I was I think a little bit unlucky because on the forehand the ball went on the net. But it's okay. I was also on 6-5 really tired. We did an unbelievable rally. Really looking forward to see those points because I was feeling good.

Yeah, I mean, I think in the first set all the points that I did, the dropshot, I won the point. Maybe with the forehand... I never did it with the backhand. It's a stroke that I like to do it. He was playing, you know, far away from the net.

I think was the right choice. I mean, even when it didn't go the way I want it to, but I cannot complain about my choices. Nadal is like I expected him to be: heavy forehand, fast backhand, it bothered me a lot, it came early.

Everybody underestimated his serve, his lefty shots. Then with the first shot he was hurting me. I tried to stay close to him on the backhand side. I will be more ready next time I face him."