Daniil Medvedev can definitely beat Rafael Nadal, says Marat Safin

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Daniil Medvedev can definitely beat Rafael Nadal, says Marat Safin

The former world No. 1 Marat Safin spoke about Daniil Medvedev defeating Grigor Dimitrov to reach the US Open final and book a clash against Rafael Nadal. "I knew Medvedev would have won. He can win the title. Daniil is already at that level, so he is not afraid of Nadal.

Rafael is older and he has pressure. It's not easy with Nadal he is lefty and experienced. This result for Medvedev is not something granted. The first two matches are always the toughest ones, and then it becomes easier. Daniil is going through a good momentum and he can definitely beat Nadal.

He is tall, hits well the ball he moves well. Nadal is just experienced. Can Medvedev become the greatest player ever? Why not? Also Khachanov, Rublev. Many guys can." Meanwhile Shamil Tarpischev added: "Daniil faced a very difficult opponent.

Dimitrov is Federer's friend. They trained together many times and they have the same gamestyle. Dimitrov's gamestyle is big, especially now that he is fit. Medvedev's first serve win percentage was as lower as ever.

That's because of fatigue. Against Nadal, it will be difficult for Medvedev to play. Daniil stands back from the baseline and he cannot play being so far away. Those five meters will allow Nadal to have time to prepare. Daniil should serve in an amazing way and try to play forward.

So he may have a chance. Medvedev could be the best Russian player ever and be the world No. 1. The seven finals played show how solid he is mentally. His tactics is great. It's clear that he can still improve."