Khachanov: '2018 US Open match with Rafael Nadal stayed in my memories'

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Khachanov: '2018 US Open match with Rafael Nadal stayed in my memories'

Karen Khachanov spoke to US Open Now recalling his last year's third round US Open loss against Rafael Nadal. The Russian lost in four sets after playing a great match." I think obviously from last year. I have been to New York maybe like five years already, but last year after the match with Rafa here on the Arthur Ashe Stadium, I think it stayed in my memories for sure", said Khachanov.

Asked what he loves the most about New York, he added: "The general atmosphere. New York, Manhattan, once you arrive maybe first days you want go somewhere. You have a lot of things to do, Central Park. In general the city and obviously the atmosphere here with the fans is always great."

On his love for coffee, Khachanov concluded: "Honestly not espresso for me, it's too strong. But I used to drink a coffee like latte or cappuccino. More lighter, more softer. I would like to share it with my wife, unfortunately she is not here this year, we are expecting a baby.

So she stayed at home and this time I will have maybe with my team or Russian, Russian friends." Khachanov has been training in Moscow for two weeks now as he announced on Instagram. He is preparing ahead of the St. Petersburg Open that takes place next week. He will definitely be one of the Russians to watch with Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev among the others.