Daniel Medvedev reveals conversation he had with Rafael Nadal

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Daniel Medvedev reveals conversation he had with Rafael Nadal

In a press conference, Daniil Medvedev was asked what Rafael Nadal told him at the net after their US Open final. The Russian said: "I don't remember everything. Well, I congratulated him. He said congrats to me for my week, that I'm an amazing player.

I basically said he's also an amazing player. Then I said what I think is they have a great contest between three of them, and I wished him luck to be one of the three, to be better, yeah. Because I do think they have a great contest, and it's fun to watch."

Of what he may be wary on-court sometimes, Medvedev added: "I can be more afraid of messing up as I did in my third round. This I can be afraid because that's what I don't like. Talking about tennis, of course, you can have fear, but it's more when you are in the down moment like I was this year once.

I lost I think four or five matches in a row. That's when you have fear going out on the court. You're like, Am I going to lose again? Am I going to win or not? After the summer I had no fear. I had everything to win. I think it's Rafa who had something to lose.

I went out there, I gave everything I could, and I'm proud of myself." On his diet, he added: "I eat a lot of pasta. I try not to eat too much pizza. But Hawaiian one, I'm sorry. I know Italians would usually boo me for this but I like Hawaiian pizza", he said smiling.