Rafael Nadal: 'In the end I was very nervous, dead'

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Rafael Nadal: 'In the end I was very nervous, dead'

Rafael Nadal analyzed in detail his five-set US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev. The world No. 2 was leading two sets and a break up and then the Russian took it to the fifth. "The last three hours of the match have been very, very intense, no? Very tough mentally and physically, too.

Yeah, at the end with the video, the crowd that have been as always amazing, all these facts that make the moment super special, no? Unforgettable moment. At the same time Daniil created this moment, too. The way that he fighted, the way that he played, is a champion way.

Just well done for him. I really believe that he will have many more chances. In the end I was very nervous if not dead." On the US Open displaying Nadal's titles on the screen, the Mallorcan added: "We are getting old (smiling).

In some way that's good. See all the things I went through, be able to still being here is so special for me. I went through some tough moments, physically especially. When you have physical issues, then mentally things became much more difficult, no? The emotions have been there watching all the success, all the moments that came to my mind in that moment. Yeah, I tried to hold the emotion, but some moments was impossible."