Rafael Nadal is the player of the year over Novak Djokovic so far - Courier

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Rafael Nadal is the player of the year over Novak Djokovic so far - Courier

Jim Courier and Paul Annacone agreed that between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, at the moment the player of the year is the Spaniard. Both of them won two Grand Slams but the Spaniard triumphed in two Masters 1000s, Rome and Montreal, while Novak won just in Madrid.

"It would be nice for Nadal to win the ATP Finals for the first time," said the former world No. 1 Courier speaking ahead of the remaining part of the season. "He doesn't love the surface necessarily, he is struggling physically at that time of the season," he admitted.

Speaking of Nadal's season, Courier added: "He turned it around in Rome and then he goes on Roland Garros, then he won in Montreal getting some good signs, he did the right thing by not playing Cincinnati, to rest up and stay fresh, stay healthy first and foremost he played the same guy in the final of Montreal and he bum-rushed him and on windy conditions.

He knew it would be different today, Medvedev probably did not adapt to windy conditions because he doesn't have as much margin for error." Paul Annacone: "It was just fun to watch Rafa adjust as he is getting a bit older because he is a guy that loves to play, wants to play a millions tournaments, needs to play a million matches.

A few years ago he would have not liked to skip Cincinnati. It was a little hard for him. Then to maintain his confidence he did it. It worked out perfectly and he is gonna have to do that as he gets older to be in the finals of these big tournaments."