Rafael Nadal: 'After Barcelona first round I thought about ending season'

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Rafael Nadal: 'After Barcelona first round I thought about ending season'

Speaking on Eurosport Rafael Nadal analyzed his US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev. The Spaniard said: "It has been unforgettable, emotional two weeks. Dramatic end" He also praised his opponent: "When you win so much you have many qualities.

I was surprised for his tactical turnaround at some point but not at such extent. I have seen just a few players moving so well, hitting slice backhands like that. Going from 3-2 to 4-2 in the third set would have been crucial but I played bad, it complicated everything, I missed an easy volley although the ball got much higher than it was supposed to be.

I could not have control. I was seeing that the match was not going toward the right direction, although I knew that winning three sets in a row against me in a Grand Slam final would have been tough. I tried to stay there and I hoped that my opportunity would come."

He also reflected on his season overall: "Who would have thought it after Monte Carlo and especially the Barcelona first round. Tough times. I seriously thought about stopping for a season because when you have injuries every week you do not enjoy yourself.

I tried to make a change, to go through the suffering, training and appreciating the little things that I needed to do to fight for the things I wanted to. The way was much better than I dreamed. I had a great team behind and without their confidence it would have been impossible."