Djokovic praises Rafael Nadal and Medvedev for stunning US Open final

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Djokovic praises Rafael Nadal and Medvedev for stunning US Open final

Through his official Twitter account Novak Djokovic praised Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev for the amazing US Open final they have played in. The Serbian champion said: "Congrats to Rafa for creating more history in our sport and showcasing amazing fighting spirit.

And congrats to Daniil for an incredible summer on hardcourt in USA. You should be proud of yourself. Great things to come for you. Well done boys & thank you." On his physical condition, Medvedev said: "Before the match I took painkillers.

I did not feel anything during the match. Rafa looked more tired than me at some point." On his next plans, Medvedev added: "We have had no time to discuss with the team but anyways I will go to St. Petersburg, I love that tournament.

But the calendar for the rest of the season - also considering that I reached the ATP Finals in London - will have to be reviewed. We have to make sure that I am in the best shape in all the tournaments I play." The Russian coach Viktor Yanchuk said: "You should give credit to Medvedev, who fought until the end.

Nadal is faster. Medvedev'd rather play from the back of the court with slice backhands. But the final was a success. They kept the world of tennis up in the air. For Medvedev, that's a big step forward. If he will improve some relative weaknesses, he will probably be a candidate for the Grand Slams.

Medvedev needs to improve his game rhythm but the match was balanced and Daniil played great considering it was his debut on such a stage."