Rafael Nadal to play Laver Cup, then he has wedding - Coach

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Rafael Nadal to play Laver Cup, then he has wedding - Coach

In an interview to Cope Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya spoke about what's next for the Spanish player until the rest of the season. Moya said: "The next commitment is the Laver Cup. Then he has the wedding. Winning a Grand Slam changes things and we will have to speak about it later this week.

Each one will give his opinion. The season has been incredible, in April he had issues and he went through them, continuing to play. You have to take a break when you need to and you need to set your goals." On Nadal's win over Daniil Medvedev, Moya added: "You are always confident that he will come back, I saw many Rafa's matches, also in the past throughout his career and not just now.

At one point the match was complicated, 1-0 Medvedev 15-40 in the fifth set, he seemed to be fresh but we made it. Rafa could have won in straight sets because he played very well, he was unstoppable and then Medvedev came back.

So many changes of dynamic. It was one of the best matches I ever saw in terms of quality." On Spanish people staying awake until 3:00 AM when the final ended, Moya concluded: "I can imagine it. It ended pretty late.

People would go working the following day. But it was worth it." For El Pais, Toni wrote: "On Sunday we watched one of the best finals I remember of Rafael. And I think I remember well many ones. My nephew was the favorite but he faced a Next Gen player who unlike the other younger players has less charisma, but more committed and fought.

All the things that make a great match were there. A big amount of points played at the limit in a combination of technique, tactics, strength. Rafael showed perseverance and waited for the right opportunity that finally came on the fifth game.

We had an epic finals with two players who competed until the limit and who gave a lesson of fairness and commitment. Unfortunately only a player can win."