I had to help Rafael Nadal wearing jeans. He was exhausted - Coach

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I had to help Rafael Nadal wearing jeans. He was exhausted - Coach

In an interview to Cope Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya analyzed the Spanish player's five-set US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev. Moya admitted Nadal ended the match being extremely tired. "The match was very long, we were dead tired and we did not celebrate that much.

It was so hard. In the locker room I had to help him taking on the jeans because he was cramping. It was unbelievable moments physically and emotionally. It was one more Major, the 19th", said Moya. Asked if this win can be compared to the 2008 Wimbledon one over Roger Federer, Moya replied: "Both matches are full of emotions.

In 2008 it was against Federer in his reign on grass. While now it was against a less unknown player but still hard. It's different, but they were important in the same way." On Novak Djokovic having 16 Majors, Nadal having 19 and Federer 20, Moya concluded: "When I was playing, Sampras's 14 Majors were something unbelievable.

They will keep winning without any doubt and it's something amazing. If Rafa ends with 19, he will still have had a great career, the second best one in terms of Majors. We are focused on going through our way, continuing to improve, we can do it in order to keep winning.

One month ago Federer was one point away at Wimbledon from winning his 21th. Now we are on 19 and we will think about 20 heading into Australia."