Rafael Nadal: 'The injuries made me appreciate every moment'

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Rafael Nadal: 'The injuries made me appreciate every moment'

Rafael Nadal was asked on what place of history he would put himself. The Spaniard, as quoted by AS, replied: "I am inside it but I do not know on which stage. I am not the one who should say it. The people who understand the history of this sport should do it.

I will not be the one who puts himself in one place or the other." Nadal continued: "Having had many injuries in my career, I never knew if every win was one of the last. Now the logical thing is that being in a late age the chances will be less.

Injuries made me appreciate every moment." His coach Carlos Moya said that if he were to go through a bad moment, he would put his life in Nadal's hands. "He'd better not do it," Nadal joked. "I can lose, but I will never stop fighting.

On it, I normally do not make mistakes. In other things, technique-wise and tennis-wise, I can make mistakes but I mentally try not to allow myself to make mistakes. Because that's what makes me go back home calmly. I play for my history," he said on the race to be the GOAT.

"We three (Federer, Djokovic and him) are doing something that had never been done. For me, it's a big satisfaction to be part of this battle but I cannot see it this way inside me because I would be wrong. Otherwise, you go through pressure all day that would not make me be happy the way a person who had the luck to achieve what I achieved deserves to. The ambition is good but when it's too much, it's not good."