Rafael Nadal gave a life lesson in US Open final, says Corretja

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Rafael Nadal gave a life lesson in US Open final, says Corretja

The former world No. 2 Alex Corretja commented on Rafael Nadal's US Open final. Corretja believes that the level was an extremely high one. "Toni says Rafa played very well and it's unusual because he is always very strict.

He realized how good his nephew is now that he is not his coach anymore (laughter). Well, at 4:00 PM the ball bounced more, it was hotter, while at night it's slower and Rafa's topspin ball did not hurt Medvedev that much.

The Russian changed direction of his shots and he was coming from a summer where he could barely lose. There are not many players who can achieve Medvedev's level but the only one who can cope with it is Rafa. You do not achieve it over one night, I have to congratulate Toni.

It's years of education, suffering, explaining things, enjoying. Rafa understood he had to suffer, that's what was all about. Rafa gave a life lesson for how he dealt with every situation in the match, even when his opponent dominated.

One of Toni and Carlos Moya's credits is that he makes Rafael delivering his full potential. I get emotional because I went through it and I know how difficult is to accept a Grand Slam final loss. It's unbeatable. I keep being impressed by Rafa's excitement, ability to deal with nerves, get through cramps against Diego Schwartzman in the quarter-finals, the final on Sunday. You cannot describe it. I was lucky to commentate the championship clash, I feel grateful for it."