Rafael Nadal fights on every ball until the end, says uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal fights on every ball until the end, says uncle Toni

In an interview to El Larguero the Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about his nephew's triumph in the US Open. The 58-year-old said: "I congratulated him. I had spoken with him by phone and this afternoon I was with him and I told him that the match was incredible, amazing, of a high quality both technique-wise and especially tactics, he faced a very tough opponent, who has not a lot of charisma, but who does everything well and unlike many guys, fights until the end.

In 2008 Wimbledon against Roger Federer a similar thing happened. At the time the world No. 1 and 2 faced each other, but the recent final was a big one too." "I had a good kid. Since he was a kid Rafael got used to fight until the last ball, always until the end.

It's very easy to say it, but for me it's not that easy to do it." Has Rafa changed a lot with the life he has now? Nadal's close friend Tomeu Salva said: "Not really. I remember him the same as when he was a kid.

He does normal things, he is a good friend of mine. I spoke with him today, he was in the Academy, he spends a lot of time there, he was there with his girlfriend Maria and father Sebastian. He was tired, there were many emotions involved."

Francis Roig said: "Honestly, the best Rafa was seen in the fourth and fifth set. He realized how difficult it was and so he played at his best. He started hitting hard especially on the forehand and he faced a wall."