I have not re-watched my US Open final, says Rafael Nadal

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I have not re-watched my US Open final, says Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal was asked if this year's US Open championship clash against Daniil Medvedev was the best final he ever played. The Spaniard replied: "I did not watch the match again (laughter). I only played it and without watching it, it's complicated to give an opinion.

When you are inside the match you are competing, you are dealing with nerves and it's complicated to see at what stage it can be. It was one of the matches you cannot forget of, but I should see it to give a real point of view."

On why he cried after the match, Nadal replied: "You need to understand that moment. The last three hours of the match were very hard for me because the match was basically won and I saw how it got complicated a lot until i was in a really critical situation to lose the final.

It was an opportunity for me, the same for him too, but until the third set the way was open. It was many hours suffering, staying there, and both the body and mind went through a very big stress, and after all the moment of weakness came."

On being a role model, he concluded: "My motivation was never what the others can tell about me or show that I can do things that others cannot. It's a concept that I try to apply in my life in general. The ambition and motivation need to be personal, not for external reasons.

I do not like this spirit and all my life I tried not to work from this point of view, because otherwise you have regrets. I try to work with positive emotions."