Toni Nadal shares amazing anecdote about 15-year-old Rafael

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Toni Nadal shares amazing anecdote about 15-year-old Rafael

Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni revealed an amazing anecdote about his nephew when the current 19-time Grand Slam winner when he was just 15 years old playing a junior tournament in Spain. "I was seeing my nephew playing from afar and he was being a complete disaster.

He was losing 5-0 against a not so great player. At that moment, a friend of mine came. He was a former player and he told me, Hey! I think your nephew is playing with a broken racket. The ones that have played tennis, with a broken frame it's almost impossible to play.

The balls always go out. Except inside the court, they all go out. I went to Rafael's side of the court and I told him, 'Listen, your racket is broken. I think your racket is broken.' The guy was like, 'Damn! Yes, it is broken.

I will change it.' He changed it, things changed, but in the end he lost 6-0, 7-5. So when the match was over, I went to him and asked him, 'Can you tell me that a boy... He was 15 years old. Can you tell me that a boy after playing for so many years doesn't know when a racket is broken?' And his answer was very clear, he told me: 'Look, I am so used to always being blamed, that I didn't even think that the racket was the one that was making me lose.'

" The senior Nadal stepped down as the 33-year-old's coach in 2018. Currently, he is the tournament director of the Mallorca Open.