Rafael Nadal will keep winning Majors even as married man, says Toni

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Rafael Nadal will keep winning Majors even as married man, says Toni

The next time Rafael Nadal plays a Grand Slam, in the 2020 Australian Open, he will be a married person to his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. His uncle Toni believes the 33-year-old's desire to have success will be the same.

"After the US Open, he will win more Grand Slams, even being married." Is Rafael playing as best as ever? "I think in 2008 or 2010 he was better because he was younger, explosive. Now he may be more complete on his shots but ten years ago he was stronger.

It's the same for Roger Federer: he and Rafa changed some things about their game because they know they cannot run as much as ten years ago. For Rafa, the most important thing is to stay competitive but to overcome Federer and become the best ever is a good motivation.

What matters is to be happy holding a racket in his hand, wanting to make one more step every day." On people saying Rafael is from another planet, Toni concluded: "He is human. But Rafael gives everything since he was a kid, he always brings himself to the limit.

He always has the same desire to win more and more. To fight." Reassessing his season, Nadal concluded: "It was not the best year of my career, it is one of the best for sure, but there were a lot of good moments...

There was one year where I won three Grand Slams, one year where I won nine titles. It's at the top but there were also many other good ones."