Rafael Nadal: 'I admire everything about Diego Schwartzman'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I admire everything about Diego Schwartzman'

Rafael Nadal praised Diego Schwartzman during the US Open. The Spaniard faced the Argentinean player in the quarter-finals prevailing in straight sets despite some cramps on his hand and forearm. Nadal was asked what he admires about Schwartzman: "Everything.

Every single thing of his game. He is one of the most talented players on our tour. He has everything, amazing control, amazing speed. He has the ability to read very well your shots and to understand very well the game. Is not a surprise he is there."

Nadal said: "I always try my best in every single match, that's what I can say. At some point for me the most important thing is to come back home with the feeling that I can give my best. You can miss technically, but I hate to miss mental, so that's all.

You do not feel good with yourself when you are not fighting. I need to feel that I tried everything." Schwartzman said: "Hopefully I can have half of the career that David Ferrer had. He is a player who I admired for his entire career and I keep admiring him.

He had an impressive career." "For no tennis players in Argentina the beginning is easy, like it happens in many South American countries. I think economics does not help to play a sport that basically is not played in South America, and you have to travel and spend a lot of money." The Spaniard will next play in the Laver Cup in Geneva.