Marc Marquez shares why he did not congratulate Rafael Nadal personally

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Marc Marquez shares why he did not congratulate Rafael Nadal personally

Marc Marquez praised Rafael Nadal's 19th Grand Slam title in the US Open. The 26-year-old MotoGP rider Spaniard said: "I saw the start, then not the end. I fell asleep... It was 1-0 and I went sleeping in my room, the TV was on and when I woke up the match had ended.

And I was like, Who knows who won. And I checked the social media." Asked if he congratulated Nadal, Marquez replied: "I did through social media. I have his mobile phone number but I am ashamed of it. He is Nadal, man.

Raga Nadal..sometimes I send him some messages but I congratulated him through social media." Asked what it feels like to be inspired by Nadal, Marquez replied: "I love it. How many people thought he should have retired four years? The knees, I do not know what...

I love him because he has the biggest motivation, just look at how he celebrates every point, how he hits every ball, he is a sportsman who gives everything on court and he is a clear example. One year he is good and the following one better, and the other still better, there is no age for him, at 33 years it seems he is in the best time of his career."

Uncle Toni said: "I am critical toward the Next Generation. We speak many times about the fact that they are young, that you need to wait, that this player is 21 years old and the other 23. But at 19 years Rafael was already at the top, Djokovic was winning the Australian Open at 21.

And we can add many others like Roger and Sampras. At 20 years the players used to be more ready than now. But Daniil Medvedev seems to have the desire to get to the elite, with the right desire."