Paolo Lorenzi recalls when he got close to beat Rafael Nadal

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Paolo Lorenzi recalls when he got close to beat Rafael Nadal

In an interview to Punto de Break the Italian player Paolo Lorenzi recalled when he was up one set against Rafael Nadal in the 2011 Rome second round. Lorenzi said: "It was one of the first good matches I played. At that time...

I was enjoying myself. Everything was going very well, I was fighting and I was not like, Oh, I am against Nadal, now this happens, now that happens. I was just hearing all the support from the people. The day before I beat Thomaz Bellucci who was world No.

21 or 22. Playing in Rome, the tournament you see as a kid from a fan point of view, it was unbelievable. I can only have a very good memory from that match, it was crazy." Then Lorenzi got a revenge in 2012 Vina del Mar doubles final.

"It's not a revenge, it's not the same... But I was very happy. I think that day was a bit hard for Rafa because he lost the singles final and then doubles. The good thing is that at my house I have a photo featuring me lifting a bigger tournament than Rafa.

That's not easy. 90 percent of the times Rafa is the guy who has the biggest trophy, and for once I could say I had a bigger one than him." Asked if he ever thought about joining the Player Council, Lorenzi replied: "I thought a bit last year, but in the end I got injured and I was a bit off the Tour, and if you are not at least a top 100 player is tough because meetings take place in the biggest tournaments."