I was surprised by Daniil Medvedev's tactics against Rafael Nadal: Moya

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I was surprised by Daniil Medvedev's tactics against Rafael Nadal: Moya

In an interview with Onda Cero, Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya commented on the Spanish player's five-set US Open final win. Moya said: "It was five hours of emotions and in the fifth set, in the beginning, there were critical moments where Rafa managed to give the best out of himself.

I did not see the match (as) lost at any time but there were many complicated moments. We have been studying Medvedev for a while and I was surprised by his tactics which made the opponent very uncomfortable." On the on-court coaching not being allowed on the Tour, Moya added: "Tennis is unique for this reason and because the coach's job is always done before the match and then on the court the warrior who is able to analyze the match and improve wins.

So it's better to leave it aside in order to make the player get better." Was it the toughest match for Moya as Nadal's coach? "I think so. In 2017, there were semifinals with Grigor Dimitrov, but it was probably the best win.

Now I look at it and I see the desire he has of evolving and doing things very well." On his next plans, Moya concluded: "I am looking forward to being back home and be with my family. I spent a lot of weeks outside and now I want to rest at home before going to Switzerland for a few days."

Next week Nadal, Moya and the entire team will sit around a table to discuss the schedule for the rest of the season. Nadal said he is set to play Laver Cup. He has also committed to playing the inaugural ATP Cup in 2020.