Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal helps me as much as he can'

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Jaume Munar: 'Rafael Nadal helps me as much as he can'

In an interview to TennisHead Jaume Munar spoke about Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya's influence on him. Both were former world No. 1s, both coming from Mallorca as well as Munar, who said: "I am very far away from being world No 1 for the moment.

Rafa and Carlos were big, big players and it’s so difficult to get to that level. But of course I’m working as hard as I can to get there”. Munar also reflected on how his mentality and character evolved over the time: “When I went to the Spanish federation I wasn’t badly behaved, but my coach said that the way I left everything out there on the court was similar to Jimmy Connors.

I used to get very angry on the court, but not now. I’m much more relaxed. But I’m happy with the nickname”. Munar also praised Toni Nadal: “Toni tries to help me as much as he can. I’m not working with him every day but he’s on court some days and he tries to help me”.

On Rafa, Munar concluded: “We see a lot of each other both on the court and off it. It’s great for me to have Rafa supporting me because he’s one of the greatest tennis players ever. He tries to help me. I think he sees me as the next top player from Mallorca. He’s always trying to help me as much as he can”.