Rafael Nadal is not as fresh as in the past, he needs to evolve - Coach

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Rafael Nadal is not as fresh as in the past, he needs to evolve - Coach

Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya looked back to the Spanish player's US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev. Moya, speaking to RTVE, said: "It was the most nervous match since i joined Rafa's team. There have been many emotional ones in the last years, the one against Federer in 2017 Australian Open too.

He was close to win in straight sets, he was in control, then Medvedev came back and he had two break points on 1-0. That was a tough time although players like Rafa have a good record in five sets. You always trust Rafa and it's credit to him for his mentality in the toughest moments.

The key was not too spend too much time on the courts before the final over the two weeks. You try thinking about what's happening, what you would change. The team and family was nervous. It's emotional and tough moments."

On how he helps Nadal, Moya added: "What me and all the team try to teach something useful for him. Being with a great player like Rafa everything is much easier too. We try to make him more aggressive as years go on, that points and matches would be shorter, have a light tournaments schedule.

We have been trying to work on it for two or three years. It's not easy to change and evolve but he is not 20 years old anymore and fresh like back in the day and he understands it, understands the game better. We have lost some weapons and gained other ones."