Nadal has more chances than Novak Djokovic to end year as No. 1 - Toni

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Nadal has more chances than Novak Djokovic to end year as No. 1 - Toni

Rafael Nadal's uncle and former coach Toni commented on the battle for the No. 1 rankings spot between his nephew and Novak Djokovic. The 58-year-old Mallorca native said: "If Rafa plays, he has more chances to finish as No.

1. I do not know where Novak and Rafa play or not, I do not know their calendar. Rafa doesn't defend any point so it's good although hard is Djokovic's favorite surface. Rafa won in Montreal and US Open so I would bet him."

On the Laver Cup, where Rafael is playing this week, Toni added: "It's an interesting event, over the last years Europe was better than World. But I do not have a clear opinion on it. It's an opportunity to see the best players in the world in one event."

Toni believes the umpire should have not given a time violation warning to his nephew in the very first game of the US Open final against Daniil Medvedev earlier this month. Nadal was also forced to hit a second serve at some point during the match.

"He should have had common sense. Getting a time violation warning in the first game after a long point is unbelievable. In the end you need to be focused and players need to be able to give time to players. He should have warned Rafael to be quicker, not to give time violation warning which influences the whole final. Many times the umpires do not understand the game, they never played", said Toni.