Toni Nadal shares what Rafael's last career tournament should be

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Toni Nadal shares what Rafael's last career tournament should be

Where should Rafael Nadal play his last career tournament? His uncle Toni gave an answer." I imagine French Open but I do not know. He should retire there." Asked if social media are an issue for the younger players - Stefanos Tsitsipas recently cancelled from then - Toni replied: "That's not the problem.

You have time for everything, check social media and then train. It's a problem when you check social media while you are training. The biggest problem with the younger guys is that they do not want to suffer too much and make a big effort.

Sometimes I see matches where they could play better." Who would win between Rafael and Bjorn Borg in a French Open match? The Spaniard won 12 French Opens so far while the Swede conquered six. Toni said: "Rafa, in four or five sets.

But you cannot compare them. Borg played with a wooden racket, Rafa with a completely different racket. Borg was a great player who when he headed into the court, you felt he was unbeatable. You felt like no one could beat him on clay but with Rafa you have the same feeling playing against the best guys."

Asked what makes the Big Three different than the rest, Toni concluded: "They do not only have a mental advantage but also in terms of game. They have more hunger to win, they control the ball better. They are a bit better in everything.

Rafa is very good physically, but in complicated situation he makes the ultimate effort mentally. That's what makes him different."